Friday, December 28, 2012

5 years and countinggg :D

Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdulillah, it has been five years now since i started blogging. Technically, 4 years and a month. 
Quite often i read again my old posts, and reflect upon how did i behave since the last 5 years and how did i change until who am i today.
Yang pasti, I love to write and most of the time I write as a reminder to myself. 
I will laugh, grin, or feel ashamed whenever I read on posts that reveal how immature my thoughts back then.

When I was in secondary school, I tried to keep a personal diary but it didn't lasts long. I was only able to keep it for two years, and khalas. That's it. I lost my interest on writing daily things. 
And when one day I found my form-3 diary, I felt like to throw it away as I hate to read most of the thing that I wrote inside it! Weird enough, I was actually felt uneasy to read 'the immature me' as I scanned through every page of the diary. 
Well, of course it contained lots of memories but to read how did I feel about certain things/person/topic, I became disappointed with my old-self. The moment I found the diary, I already know such thing is wrong, and such thing is right which I never knew when I was only 15. So, fair enough la Huda. No need to be emotional with your past~huhu.

Another thing is-you can never remember everything that happen in your life. So having a blog is the perfect way to kinda 'immortalize' the memory. Heh, nothing is immortal anyway but human memory needs repetition to remember better. The feelings-happy, sad, angry, heartbroken are all translated into words. The reflections, news, thoughts are also included here. 

Fikir-fikir, sebenarnya banyak juga post yang tergendala disebabkan masa. Sometimes I like to write current issue, so it need me to do some research before I write it down. Due to time constrain, sometimes I am unable to make a blog post about it. But I will try to at least post the link, news etc in my blog or even in facebook. 

Well, alhamdulillah writing is still my passion until now. Ada cuba-cuba menulis cerpen, tapi tak siap lagi hehe ^_^
Kagum dengan bloggers lain yang menulis dengan istiqamah, dan berjaya menyentuh hati orang-orang yang membacanya. Moga Allah terus-terusan beri mereka kekuatan untuk menulis keranaNya. Dan kekuatan untuk saya juga :) 


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