Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To you, from us

The last snatched phonecall came on Saturday as Fatima used a mobile phone to ring home, telling her father: "Papa, they are beating me, they are beating me." Moments later, the line abruptly went dead.

The siblings and their mother, Amina Mostafa, were on their annual holiday to Egypt when they were caught up in a protest that turned violent at Ramses Square in the centre of Cairo. Their distraught mother, who was not with the siblings at the time, is now making frantic efforts to get access to her children in custody. "On Friday, I heard from my daughter (Omaima) in the square. She said a plane dropped a bomb on them on the street. They entered the mosque and they prayed in the mosque and when they went out to go home everything was closed," said Mr Halawa.
"From 7pm to 7am, everything is stopped in Cairo at night. The underground was closed, there were no taxis running. She entered the mosque and then the army and the policemen came."
Mr Halawa said the latest news he had heard was that his children were being held in Tora Prison.
"They are in Tora in Cairo. A girl who was inside -- and she got out because her uncle is a big man in the police -- she was with them in the mosque. She said my daughters and my son were inside the prison with them. I phoned the Department of Foreign Affairs this morning and they told us they will meet them. I hope soon," he added.
"My wife is very worried. I'd like to see what I can do here before I go to Cairo next week."
The Department of Foreign Affairs said it was in "ongoing contact" with the Halawa family and the Egyptian authorities. Irish Ambassador to Egypt, Isolde Moylan, is leading the consular efforts.
Last week, the department updated its travel advice for Egypt, saying a state of emergency had been declared. In July, due to the ongoing civil unrest, it advised against non-essential travel to Egypt, except for the Red Sea resorts.
(news published by Irish Independent, 19th August 2013)
It is not only because I know Fatima personally that makes me worried.
All of us have been worried and continuously making prayers for all our Muslim brothers and sisters since the first day of the coup. 
To the democratically elected Egypt Presiden Mohamed Mursi, may Allah protects him where ever he is.
To the people whom fighting for justice, Allah is with you, we are all with you and there is no other Helper except Allah. We've keep updating ourselves on the situation in Cairo, we cry together and pray together for your safety and victory. Verily, al-haq will be protected by Allah. 
To the people whom responsible for the coup, may Allah destroys all of your plan. You are so inhuman, killing the citizen who stood for justice in their own country. 
To the coward leaders whom wouldn't call this a coup, this world doesn't last long for you to stay in power. We are living for our after life, and it is either we win or we die to meet our Lord.
Hasbunallahi wa ni'mal wakil..

p/s: President Mursi detention's period has been prolonged, while Hosni Mubarak will be released. Not surprising..

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finally competent ^_^

Illustration by Charles Giai-Gischia

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Masha Allah, it has been a while i'm not writing a blog post(err, but a month is not too long though). 
And i think it is not too late to wish Eid Mubarak 1434H to all Muslims ^_^
Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum. 
Come, lets fast for another 6 days insyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah, last week was the end of my P license, now i am proud of holding the competent driving license. I know its kinda late at this age compared to my peers about getting a driving license but never mind, at least i can finally say 'yes, i can drive!'. 

I drive in Penang for most of the time, and trust me Penang is a real 'training field' to all drivers-not only to the newbies like us. With lots of motorcyclists on your front, left n right, lots of luxurious car drove by rich people that having 'problem' with their car signal (i wonder if they have forgotten their signal button) and many more driving attitudes, I am afraid I may have some of the 'driving traits' of the Penang people. 

Accidents records for the past 2 years: 
1. With a motorcycle that was parked improperly at the corner. I caused my friend's car kemek sikit :( and need to pay to that guy for breaking his rear lamp. 
2. I scratches my mom's car by hitting the divider on my parking area in Penang. 

Off record:
1. One long scratch on the car's door, the time of incident is not known. Proton's mechanic said it may be cause by the motorcyclist. 

Above all, i just want to say this: every skill that you have, make sure it would benefit your deen, family, and society. Truly, you will be benefited at the end. 

Drive with bismillah :)