Sunday, February 8, 2009

Khaibar Khaibar Ya Yahudd

7 feb 2009, 3.30ptg - 1.00 pg(8feb 09)

Itu adalah tempoh masa kerja sukarelawan kami dengan Persatuan Belia Islam Nasional(Pembina) untuk Malam Save Gaza dan Solat Hajat Perdana anjuran Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Baru Bangi yang diadakan di Kompleks Sukan Bangi.

Honestly, I was very grateful to Allah as He gave me the opportunity to be one of the volunteers for this programme. We did a lot of things there eg buat sepanduk, kutip derma, sambut peserta..

As this is my first experience to join such programme, which involves a big crowd-not as the participant, but as one of the helping hand made me felt so excited. Thank to Allah for this, because I do feel helpless for the muslims in Gaza as I only able to pray, donate some money and boycott the Israel's products before this. At least there is something that can make me strongly feel that I am a part of them, and I am angry to Israel.

"Khaibar Khaibar Ya Yahudd, Jaisyu Muhammad, Saufa Ya'ud, Allahu Akbar"

"Dan Kami tetapkan kepada Bani Israel dalam Kitab itu."Kamu pasti akan berbuat kerosakan di bumi ini dua kali dan pasti kamu akan menyombongkan diri dengan kesombongan yang besar"(Al-Isra':4)

Read the article from beritaharian online, about kesombongan Yahudi:
Israel on Obama

The key for muslims is- unite.If we still can't stand up and together against Israel, then we will not succeed.
One story that I would like to share is my experience of taking care the sons of Hamas representative, as the VVIP for this programme. They were Zuhair(7thn), Abdullah(5thn), Ahmad Yassin(3thn) and a one year old(I guess) boy that I didn't know his name. I learnt a lot from them. Together with my friends, Muneera and Amal Osman, one big problem that we had faced was language distinction.

Munee and I just ingat2 lupe arabic language that we previously had learnt during secondary school, and the children did not understand english at all. Yeah, we did ask their name and age, then we didnt know what to say after that!!(OMG, I'm so sad with my arabic language). I regretted for not taking the chance to speak in Arabic when I learnt it in Form 1-4.

The bad thing is- Abdullah can't hold his bladder and we were too late when we reached the toilet-just because he was not confident with us. I did ask- "hal turidu ila dauratul miah?" and he just kept silent. He cried sadly in the toilet, and luckily one of the volunteer helped us to bring him to his mother at the VVIP area. To the Hamas representative, sorry for not able to take care of your sons very well.

Ahmad Yasin, Abdullah n Zuhair
With munee n amal=)

This incident reminded me to Tn Hj Norazman, Pengerusi Sekretariat HALUAN Palestin in his speech- "utk jadi sukarelawan di Gaza, yang paling penting adalah tahu bahasa Arab.then mind setting kene betul..."

Yup. I'm helpless when I can't speak in Arabic very well. We able to control them(dgn word 'ijlis, ta'al, etc, huhu) but failed to converse.

Rima did tell me this on the bus during the journey to Bangi- "utk lebih menghayati Al-Quran, ada bbrapa step..yang pertama kena faham bahasa arab..."

Overall, I wish I have a chance to go to a programme like this again. Ini adalah proses tarbiah(didikan), dan xcukup dgn hanya membaca surat khabar tentang isu Palestin.

"Allahumma a'izzal islam walmuslimin, Allahumma azilla syirka wal musyrikin...."

YaAllah, muliakanlah Islam dan seluruh muslim, YaAllah hinakanlah kekafiran dan orang-orang kafir..."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

jongkang-jongkit dakwah dan study

an article from

friends, do let me know if i've been far from Allah...moga Allah kurniakan keikhlasan dalam perjuangan menuju ke puncak keredhaanMu....