Saturday, January 22, 2011

[Pre GT] 800 years attempt

Assalamualaikum wbt, all praises to Allah the Most Merciful, and peace be upon our beloved prophet Rasulullah SAW.

Alhamdulillah, just done with my last third semester exam this morning-OSCE. The patient is doing good, the history taking also ran smoothly. Alhamdulillah, and now may Allah give what He thinks is the best for us, insyaAllah.

GT. Greece-Turkey. Great Traveller. Among Greatest Tarbiyah.


"Do you need anything, Abu Ayyub?" asked Muawiyah's son, Yazid during their battle against Byzantine to open Constantinople. On that moment, Abu Ayyub fell sick and had to withdraw from the battle.

"Convey my salaam to the Muslim armies and tell them: "Abu Ayyub urges you to penetrate deeply into the territory of the enemy as far as you can go, that you should carry him with you and that you should bury him under your feet at the walls of Constantinople."
Then he breathed his last. The Muslim army fulfilled his request and pushed back the enemy's forces until they reached the walls of Constantinople where Abu Ayyub was buried.

Note: Perluasan kuasa yang dilakukan pada zaman khalifah Islam dahulu menggunakan konsep 'to open/membuka' seperti Fathul(kunci yang membuka) Makkah, bukannya 'to conquer/menguasai' kawasan tersebut. Buktinya, setiap kali tentera Muslim berjaya mengalahkan lawan mereka, mereka tidak akan mengapa-apakan penduduk di kawasan tersebut, jauh sekali untuk merosakkan harta benda penduduknya. Berbeza dengan tentera-tentera Salib contohnya, (the exact war and time i hardly can remember) apabila mereka menang, habis seluruh penduduk dibunuh dan harta benda mereka dirampas.

Oh, ada satu contoh yang tidak jauh. Kejatuhan khalifah Abbasiyah ketika diserang oleh tentera Monggol dahulu. Diceritakan air sungai menjadi merah kerana darah penduduk tempatan yang dibunuh oleh mereka, yang menggambarkan kekejaman dan tiada perikemanusiaan.

Sebut saja mana-mana nama khalifah Islam dahulu yang hebat amalan dan sumbangannya, sebahagian besar mereka berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk membenarkan hadis Rasulullah SAW ketika perang Khandaq yang berbunyi,

'Constantinople akan dikuasai oleh sebaik-baik tentera, dan sebaik-baik pemimpin'

Ketentuan Allah, pada tahun 1453, Constantinople berjaya menjadi milik umat Islam apabila empayar Byzantine dikalahkan oleh tentera pimpinan Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, anak kepada Sultan Murad.


Perjanjian Lausanne, ditandatangani pada tahun 1923 di antara Allies of World War 1 dan Turkish National Movement yang dipimpin oleh Mustafa Kamal Atartuk. Turkish government signed it on 31st March 1924, and this date marked the end of the caliph and Ottoman Empire, which gave the independence of Turkey and the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire's areas.

What exactly happen, and how-it would be a very long history for me to write and frankly I haven't finish doing my research on this matter.

But on this moment, insyaAllah, kami sedang bersiap untuk menjejakkan kaki di tanah yang menjadi rebutan oleh para sahabat Nabi dan para khalifah Islam untuk dibebaskan daripada musuh, dan juga untuk melihat sendiri Turki masa kini setelah 87 tahun mereka merdeka, dan apa pengajaran yang boleh setiap daripada kita sebagai Muslim untuk ambil.

p/s: maaf, bahasa 'manglish'-since i wrote straightly from my mind and reading. Doakan musafir kami dalam mencari redha Ilahi!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bismillah aja..

Assalamualaikum wbt,

My heart still pounding when i'm writing this post, because just now Allah made me to experience another chance that I would totally regret if I just keep silent and let them do the talking.

We were loaded with anatomy, public health etc lecture notes to revise for our exam(just sat for the 1st paper yesterday, alhamdulillah) when suddenly the house bell rang, and the door was knocked by somebody.

I quickly wore my hijab and opened the door-and normally uninvited guest could be our neighbour inviting for a home party- but this time is a Christian preacher from the nearby church i think.

Alhamdulillah, I smiled as he was explaining about the purpose of life and there is afterlife when we die. He came to tell people about what he believes, he did door-to-door preaching just to share what he knows. He gave me a book that explains about Bible, and would love to know what is my perception towards Bible(he may come again to our house i guess). I took it since honestly I have lack of knowledge about their religion-so I can't say thing that I don't really sure-and that was why he gave me a guide book for Bible.

But the thing that insyaAllah I am very sure, that every person need to know about Islam, regardless their current faith. Having a faith is a fitrah for each individuals, and this polite guy is actually a Jehovah witness, which is quite different from the concept of Christianity that I knew before.

They believe in one God, and don't believe in trinity( nontrinitarianism), and yup- these were what he said and I need to discover more since this is my first time talking to a Jehovah witness.

He explained about what he believes (as above) after I introduced myself as a Muslim.

"Well, thanks. I am a Muslim and-"
"Owh you're Muslim? (He kinda shocked and I was like-'doesn't he know that muslim women wear hijab?') Where are you from? I know about how you people believe with Quran. I am a Christian, etc etc (as above). I don't believe that God has son, and Jesus is a prophet. It is a blasphemy to believe that God has son!"

And a few more discussion and explanations about Quran.

When he gave me the guide book, my mind kept thinking-'what kind of book do I have upstairs to give it to him? argh,i dont have any english translation quran like the one we used to give to non-muslim!'- and I totally forgot that I have various kind of booklet about tauheed, islam, other religions, and the controversial issue on muslim that I took during the RCSI Islamic Awareness Week last year (alhamdulillah, i haven't finish read them all but obviously they are useful esp at the moment like this). Maybe next time, insyaAllah if he come again with his wife(as he said), i'll give the booklet for them to have a look.

After he went away, I praised Allah for giving me the strength to speak. May Allah guides me in the future and forever.

And I was wondering how to tackle this kind of people since they believe only one part of the syahadah which is there is only one God but not believing in prophet Muhammad and the revelation of Quran which completes previous holy book.

And yup-experience is the best teacher. I need to learn and practise more, because knowledge is power. O'Allah, guide us in your path and bestow us with your rahmah till jannah..

If he has the strength to approach every people that he meet, to knock every door as he walks down the street, why don't we, as Muslim do the same?

If we don't have that kind of strength, at least make sure that down in your heart, there is a burning desire to tell everyone about Allah, Rasulullah and Islam.

Kata orang, kalau nak buat sesuatu itu, bismillah aja...

Berani kerana benar.


Ok Huda, sambung study! @_@

p/s: dah terasa aura Islamic Awareness Week 2011 this February..da'wa course, anyone?