Monday, September 6, 2010

LS Revisited: They've Grown Up

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Apa khabar kalian semua? Moga setiap urusan kita, ada nama Allah di permulaannya..

"Kebajikan itu bukanlah mengadapkan wajahmu ke timur dan ke barat, tetapi kebajikan itu ialah (kebajikan) orang-orang yang beriman kepada Allah, hari akhirat, malaikat-malaikat, kitab-kitab, dan nabi-nabi, dan memberikan harta yang dicintainya kepada kerabat, anak yatim, orang miskin........Mereka itulah orang-orang yang benar, dan mereka itulah orang-orang yang bertaqwa"[2:177]

(Jika anda perasan, ayat al-Quran yang sama juga memberi motivasi kepada kami utk membuat program ini buat pertama kalinya. Boleh baca di sini : Love Symphony 2009 )

Selagi masih punya kesempatan, ku mohon pada Allah agar diberi kekuatan.

Alhamdulillah, on 30-31st August 2010, my friends and I visited Mahad Anak Yatim Darussalam, in Tambun. It was last year we went there for the first time and organizing a 4 days programme with the kids there. This time, we were unable to organize a proper programme for them (we did have a proper plan but due to time constrain and lack of volunteers, we decided to have a 2 day visit) but alhmdulillah, everything went well and we do hope to see them again, insyaAllah.

The buildings were newly painted, and there were new kids too. For those that we've met last year, we can see now that they've grown up ! (^_^)
Alhamdulillah. Right now mostly are able to read and write. They are also good in reciting Quran. Whoever able to read, they'll teach the weak ones.

I know, it's never easy to handle such orphanage hostel and thumbs up to Ustaz, Ummi, and their family for the effort! Allah knows that you've done a lot..and we were there so that at least, Allah's bless also bestowed upon us..

This is our journey to get at-taqwa, during this fasting month. O' Allah, we need you in every moment and in every action.

Here are some pictures sharing...

newly painted building

it was still school time

aki, yati and iman :) thanx for the help!

rambang mata memilih baju~


time to get together and doing fun activities :)

i love malaysia

Throughout the visit, alhamdulillah we were able to share stories, breaking fast and having pre-dawn meal (sahur) together, posing in front of camera, testing new baju kurung etc etc.
Subhanallah, they were so energetic! LOL (but they were fasting though)

There was one moment a girl told me about other groups from other college and university that also came to visit them in Maahad. Ummi was quite particular in choosing the group of students who apply to visit the orphanage because she didn't want any bad influence shown by the college students followed by any kids. Well, you know how people wear and socialize out there. And the kids were too young to understand it so they really need a good examples to follow. Ummi knows the kids very much so she also knows what best for them.

For the kids, thanks so much for the wonderful memories. We'll miss you always...insyaAllah by Allah's will, we'll meet again :)

To aki, yati, iman, che, syahir, adlan and azizi, thanks a lot for the help. You guys totally make it possible :)

To other friends who were unable to join us, may these pictures brought up the old memories~~ (^_^). Thanks for the support and indirect help. Do come to Ipoh and we'll visit them together :)

Anyone would like to give your testimony? Huhu, seems like I miss my M07J so much...


khadijah rusli said...

salam alaik
huda..huhu best best...
may u get the taqwa like u hope for..

He giving us chance to meet these special people..which remind us to Him..

missing u so much dearest sist.. T.T

alhuda said...

wsalam wbt ijah dear..
alhmdulillah, really hope His guidance in our very single action.

But yours were great experience ijah!!dpt g RS..:)

miss you too. cant wait to meet you in dublin. i'll be soo happy to see u there!

loves always, huda.