Sunday, August 29, 2010

Muslim without Islam

Coventry, UK.

Assalamualaikum wbt brothers and sisters in Islam. How is your Ramadhan? Half of the month has left us behind, and are we still chasing to gain Ramadhan-end product: taqwa ilallah? or are we are too tired to grab the chance..
Ask strength from Him, the Owner of all Strength in life..

Muslim without Islam. Can we still call them as a Muslim?

I remembered a quotation by a Muslim philosopher, Muhammad Abduh who is among the scholars in Egypt that traveled in Europe during his time. He said,

" Europe I found Islam without Muslims, while in Egypt I found Muslims without Islam"

This was based on his own experience dealing with people there. Europeans always be on-time, respect others regardless their age, race or status. They really work hard to achieve what they want and they appreciate knowledge very very much.

I can't remember exactly where did I read this quotation but I do understand why did he say so. In Islam, as a way of our life, we are being teach to not break promises, be on-time, and respect others. Muhammad Abduh found these characteristics at the non-muslims, and hardly see it when he deals with his people back in Egypt.

Anyway, I do agree with him. In Dublin, I have no trouble dealing with the Irish. They are well-mannered and believe me, even the van driver that we called for moving house, rang our house bell on-time. Fuhh, respect laa.

Back in Malaysia, I joined my friends to organize a programme with the form 5 students in my x-secondary school, SERATAS. It was a programme during fasting month, so we planned not to make a packed schedule so that the students won't be tired.

When we were discussing with the students about the exact time to meet again in the lecture hall tomorrow morning, my junior, a Chinese student suggested,

"Kak Huda, kita start pukul 7 pagi nak? Sempat untuk kawan2 yang ada kelas tambahan at 9am untuk datang program"

I was quite shocked to hear that, but feel so glad for that response. I smiled and said,

"Akak rasa mesti kawan-kawan awak tak setuju...huhu" (anyway at 7am, we haven't finish kuliah subuh in surau)

She is the only Chinese in that lecture hall. But she knew how to use her time wisely. Plus, she was not being selfish as she consider others too. As her senior and x-dorm mate, I like her so much because she showed a very good discipline.
She also know how to appreciate people. After the programme ended, she gave us love-shape origami and thanked us for helping her and her friends.
After all, she never failed to touch my heart with her presents and wishes when we were together in school :)

Subhanallah. May Allah give her guidance to know Him and Islam, because she already acting like a Muslim should be..


So friends, are we really a Muslim? And did Islam teach us about all bad manner that we usually do? Think back, and reflect.

Let's change, and work hard to be a better person. InsyaAllah, Allah will help people who strive for His love and guidance. ameen.


Amal Asyura said...

Huda, ade juga orng2 yg x stuju dgn kenyataan syiekh Abduh tuh dgn anggapan non-Muslim ttp x sama dengan Muslim disebabkan perbezaan akidah di mana akidah islam itu sendiri lebih mengatasi sifat islamik lain spt jaga masa dll. Pendpt huda?

p/s: i hv a new blog in case you doesnot know

alhuda said...

amal, stuju dgn your argument. mmg lafaz syahadah tu scr total membezakan seseorang dgn org yg lain. antara yg memberi kesaksian dan yg tidak memberi kesaksian. tp statement syeikh abduh tu sbnarnya terkait dgn suasana yg dialaminya dan akhlak mulia yg dilihatnya, regardless the fact that mereka sbnrnya tidak beriman dan tidak mengakui Allah. statement itu lebih kepada his perception only.

tapi, bila bcakap tentang 'akidah islam itu sendiri lebih mengatasi sifat islamik lain', bukankah lafaz lailahaillah scr automatik akan melahirkan manusia yg mana imannya yg menggerakkan amal islamnya? pndapat huda, ia sepatutnya seiring. seseorang yg dlm keadaan sedar akan imannya tidak akan mencuri.
namun realiti masy skrg, akidah mereka perlu disemak semula. kerana apabila mendapat islam scr warisan ni..kita byk xsedar kan..lalai hingga islam hanya pd nama, dan lafaz syahadah tidak terkesan di hati kita.
wallahulam. amal rs mcm mana pula?

(tp tula, pndapat seseorang boleh diterima atau ditolak. iAllah berbincang itu lebih bermanfaat :) )

p/s: yup, knew already. huda jumpa dulu, then tgk link die sama dgn link kt your fb.hehe.nice blog anyway :)

khadijah rusli said...

salam..sangat best..
like the one of my adik in RS felt and experienced.
makes me ponder
am i muslim or to be exact mukmin enough to called myself this.? T.T
keep moving forward...
iman lahirkan amal..
agree and a thousand times agree...

love u huda..
may He loves u more..
til we meet in jannah

alhuda said...

RS dan pengalaman ijah..bestnya klu dpt bersama join program tu..
yup2, are we muslim enough to call ourselves as a true muslim?
iman itu yazid wa yankuz

may He loves you MORE!!
syg ijah..