Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was browsing for some information on pregnancy for my Health, Behaviour and Society project and suddenly I came across with a forum entitled 'More women depressed during pregnancy', from an Irish website.

And i became speechless.

It was not a recent forum, with 62 responds from mostly pregnant women.

They were too depressed to become pregnant.

Almost each one of them describing how did they feel throughout their pregnancy and they just couldn't hold any longer. They said they had no support from their partner, family and society. They used to cry a lot, hoping for their partner to understand and..hoping that they were not pregnant.

And most of them were unmarried.

I remembered one of my lecture during semester one, the lecturer stated that- based on the survey and research, being married is the best way that will promote psychological, emotional and mental balance in an individual. It will increase life expectancy and better quality of life.

Subhanallah, I just want them to know how Islam really concerns about marriage institution.

It was so sad to read their story, and as a muslim woman and future doctor insyaAllah I hope i can help these people to gain their strength back.

To others muslim out there, be grateful to Allah for His guidance in Islam.

p/s: I wish I can write more on this topic. Sorry!!


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Hajat nk ambil sedikit quotation dlm post yg nie..

Jazakillah ya ukhti..

alhuda said...

waalaikumsalam wbt..

Sila ya ukhti, dari blog ana yang serba kekurangan ini...