Sunday, February 21, 2010

the Omniscient


When I was surrounded by the books, articles, and other reading materials mainly about da'wa and Islam that were written in Malay, I hardly came across with this word.

The Omniscient.

Yes, since it's in English so it's a new word for me, which means:

.::having infinite awareness, understanding and insight::.
.::possessed of universal or complete knowledge::.


I was reading an article entitled 'Who Is Allah?' when my eyes caught at this word, and suddenly reminded me to the moment where I found it at the first time.

Sadly, it was in a computer games.

I couldn't remember the exact name of the was Mushroom World or something..but related to Mushroom, and it told that at the end of the world's time, the whole universe will be under the Mushroom Power.

Yup, it was so ridiculous. And totally a child's play.

Since it was a computer games that genarally known to have lots of fantasy and myths, take note: computer games give big influences to children.

There were some parts in this mushroom game,(and it were among the highest level of the game-before you win)which you will speak to a 'mouth'. The game said that we can hear the 'mouth' says, but we can't see who is it actually, due to its power.

Based on this game, the 'mouth' symbolyse the Omniscient, which know everything, especially things that we were looking for in this game.(The aim of this game is to help a girl to find her fiancee, Tom which was taken by the time machine to the future world)

I remembered some dialogues between the girl and the 'mouth' :

The girl: How do you know about Tom?

The mouth: Of course I knew about him. I knew about everything, because I am the Omniscient.


Astaghfirullahalazim. There was an element of misconception here, and how could the person who created this game make the God, a part in his game?

Due to secularism, people nowadays lack of adherence to their God. They separate their life and religion, and some believe that the religion is not relevance anymore. Even worst when they don't believe in God at all.
Ghazwul fikr, is everywhere in today's world that full with fit'na.
So, beware my friends!


khadijah rusli said...

Salam ija tahu game tue..huda pernah tunjuk kan...

urm..itulah betapa tersusunnya dakyah2 yg disampaikan...
Daei kena hati-hati jugak nie!!!

May He loves U more than i do

alhuda said...

Wsalam...haah ijah tah pape kan bile die buat cmtu..

Kena jadi ikan di laut..tak terpengaruh dek masinnya air..

yup2, daie kena xtra carefull!

jgn kita lemah kerana tersusunnya perancangan org kafir.


luv u ijah(^^)

~* ..Noor Amalina..*~ said...


waaaa..huda, amal la yg bg huda game tue kn..adeih..x perasan pon..huu~ naseb baek buang da..aishh..

alhuda said...


dun worie amal, bukan salah amal pun.kite yg main game ni kena concern sikit.amal perasan tak act??huhu...

dan game time mulut tu ckp pun cm critical thinking skit kan..yg die suh chya mesti kena pd sume bola..simboliknya, stiap pkra tu akan ade its own consequences..

ish3..hebat dakyah mereka, scra tak sedar tu.

xpe, yg penting kita perasan dan sebarkan pd yg lain=)

~* ..Noor Amalina..*~ said...

tue r..huda ckp bru tue nama mushroom age x korg2 sume, jgn maen taw..!

alhuda said...

haaaa....yup2,baru ingat..mushroom age..

sokong amal!!

Azrin said...

erm.. betul2. ghazwatul fikh tu x pernah berhenti mengejar kite. satu kita melangkah, 100 dia datang shinggakan syaitan zaman ini dah x perlu bekerja sbb ideologi2 barat tu dh cukup buat manusia hilang pegangan..