Tuesday, June 2, 2009

diary of me??


selesai juga kemas tingkat atas rumah
"sesekali buat le CAS kt rumah jugak,huda"
(kata umi,hehe.mungkin ku kelihatan agak busy dgn aktiviti luar)

Ketika mengemas, i opened my 'memory box' when i was in secondary school...it was full with presents, letters,pictures etc AND......a diary!!!

owhoO,what a surprise!it was one of my effort to keep all of the everyday moments in one secret book until i realized that i really can't keep a diary.(coz special things not happen everyday!)
i opened it and read each pages that have something written on it..it was 2004(form 3-pmr)
"in every pages until the end of 2004, i realized that i've changed a lot after i ended my secondary school. i was used to be a girl who full with hipocracy, prejudice and at the same time i thought that Allah is with me always. With 'that' kind of behaviour,huda, you are not a true muslimah who will do and give everything to Allah. You only turn to Him when you have a problem.
your target: to get 8A's and make your parents proud.you forgot that Allah Almighty owns everyhing, and He can simply take back what He had gave to you.You cried, and laugh, just because of your A's and academic results. You thought that boys were annoying just because you always got 'kiriman salam' from the so-called middle person.You thought that you were good enough to be in the first class and people can't beat you. You are so immature!!!!HUDA!!!you thought that A's was everything in this world,until you met one teacher that changed everything......"
-and in KMB, i regretted things that i've done during my secondary school.sorry everybody!!!!i won't repeat the same things..
-and that teacher, she used to be my first 'mua'limah' that introduce me to islam.till then i started to falling in love with islam.....terima kasih cikgu!!!
Nothing can stop me
I'm the new Huda
not the old Huda during the secondary school
islam has changed me
sorry old friends!
now i will say 'NO'
although in the past i was used to say 'YES'
"can you do me a favour?"
.::please understand me::.
"Bahawasanya segala amalan itu adalah itu adalah dengan niat
dan setiap orang mendapat (pahala) berdasarkan apa yang dia niat.
Sesiapa yang berhijrah kerana Allah dan RasulNya, maka hijrahnya itu
adalah bagi Allah dan RasulNya.Sesiapa yang berhijrah kerana dunia yang
akan diperolehnya atau kerana perempuan yang ingin dikahwinkannya,
maka hijrah itu adalah kepada apa yang dia niatkan "
(Hadis 1 Imam Nawawi)


dAonLyMe said...

huda...rindu kt cikgu jugak...waaa...tp xde cuti until raya nnt...huda fly ble?nnt bleh gi jalan2 kt umah cikgu same2

alhuda said...

wsalam dz...tula,rindu gk,(boyz dh a few times g umah ckgu tau x)
xde cuti ke?busy gk ek budak JAD..iAllah fly mbe sept or oct..tuls,nistnye nk mlawat ckgu b4 fly..

Elya said...

salam kak huda...
ni ada...menarik post nie...
thanks 4 all that u've been in my life!
rindu usrah dlu....
doakan ada kt kmb;)

alhuda said...

salam ada!!!miss u sooo much!!!
rindu kan kite wat usrah same2 dulu!xleh lupe muka ada yg ske senyum...=) hehe
moga Allah pertemukan kita jika diizinkanNya