Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tests to train

One month to go.
Final exam Peadiatric, Obstetric & Gynaecology, Psychiatry and Public Health are just around the corner.
Two weeks of back to back written and clinical exam, I wonder how did the students in past years go through these two weeks.
But they did it. With flying colours.
So why I couldn't?
Yes, I can do this.

One month to go.
I wonder why should it happened at this very time.
Leaving us with challenge only after I just decided to start my quarantine period. Although class is still on.
And we hardly can stay at home.
'In every difficulty, there is an ease.'
Alhamdulillah, today they said the renovation work already done. But the cleaning part is a real test for us, now still looking to hire a helping hand.
And I know Allah listens to our do'a.

One month to go.
It's either I go for it, or I'll regret it.
I wonder whether this is a training for me, to choose what I've been struggling with over what I've been settling. At this very time.
In fact I think they need me, obviously. But I need them, so desperately.
'We do not know which of our good deed will make us to enter His Jannah. But we do know, that by following this sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, you will be rewarded in the akhirah. If someone is guided by Allah through us, it is way better than this dunya and its worldly content'.
Allah promises us so.
Have trust in Him.

We shall start...

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