Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh and Gee


Today i'm starting my first day of 8-weeks Obstetric and Gynaecology, or people used to call it O&G or OnG or anything that you want to call it.
Seniors said it's a hectic rotation, and after reading the rotation guidelines I am sort of agree with them. Case presentation, on-calls, case write up, special clinic, operating theater etc etc. On top of that, I am actually observing how interesting is this rotation for me to be my master choice. Yela, some women said men are way better if they are the O&G specialist. Sebabnya since men never feels the pain that women have in any O&G pathology, so male specialist would treat the female patient compassionately. Compared to female specialist, people said they would be less empathy ie during the delivery of the newborn(especially to the nervous mother for her first child) since they've feel the pain before. 

Would you agree with that?
Well, it may be true. But it would never challenge the fact that women are so embarrassed with the male specialist as it deals with their intimate part of body. (Although in reality, all of my O&G senior lecturers are men..) So to all women doctors, medical students out there especially Muslimah doctor, lets try to be the one who master this course better than men(this is not kind of women liberation or something, this is just following the fitrah of the patient! ^_^ ) insyaa Allah.

The other thing that we should have at the back of our mind, is the need to understand the fiqh of women. The fiqh, or the ruling in Islam regarding women menstrual cycle, vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding, bleeding after delivery etc and when does a woman should clean themselves(mandi wajib) to pray or should not pray. These obstetric and gynecological condition of Muslim women are so important to understand because it affects our daily ibadah to Allah. Most Muslim patient would refer this problem to the female doctor or GP so we should equipped ourselves with the knowledge in fiqh too. Insyaa Allah.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, we begin the course..

"Siapa yang keluar ke satu jalan bertujuan untuk mencari ilmu, Allah akan mudahkan untuknya jalan ke syurga
(HR Muslim)

The path is difficult, but the final destination is certain. 
O' Allah, we seek strength from you...

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