Sunday, March 18, 2012

Georgetown, and traffic jam

Assalamualaikum wbt

The first week passed by. End of orientation week.
Tomorrow, medicine rotation will start with a brief intro in PMC before all of us are off to Seberang Jaya Hospital.
I'm not sure what to expect over there, but what I can say is: even on my second day here in Penang, I learnt so many things. I reflected so many issues. 

The so-called reality, now it is true.

O'Allah, we seek strength from you.


mazni mahirah said...

dear,erm such a long time i didn't leave any comment here and errr..even my blog, huh!! updated 9 months ago *-*..
i jst wnna wish u " selamat berjuang sahabatku", whenever we go, Allah is alwys with us, very near to us.
Be strong in this new/real 'amal field..


till we meet again, insyaAllah together towards jannah, seeking for His blessings..

pray for me.

with love,

alhuda said...

waalaikumsalam wbt

*hugs tightly*
i miss you so much, havent heard from u for quite a long time.
jazzakillahu khairan for the wishes, and please include us(ur TSS) always in ur prayer.
you too, selamat mujahadah di bumi sana. we'll meet in this real medan, insyaAllah :)

lots lots of love from penang :)