Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mixed feeling

Written by Maryam Sakinah bt Mohd Fauzi, from London.
It made me to also missed Syakirah, Fatimah, Fatih and Nur :)

Assalamualaikum wbt

All praises to Allah The Almighty, for His grace and mercy upon every single living thing in this world.
And peace be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, for his love we are now gathered in the true religion, Islam.

How is everyone? I am writing this post in my little home sweet home in Ipoh. Currently having my one-month holiday(or should I say, preparation?)before I start my class in Penang Medical College in early March. Today is my second day at home as I just arrived from Dublin the day before yesterday.

Hm, how do I feel now, ya? Lots of people asked the same question, including ummi. Well I can’t really described what do I feel atm–so I called it mixed feeling. Yeah, mixed because I left all of my friends over there, which indirectly means I left my responsibilities incomplete. They have to continue their studies without us, and so do we. We do know that we’re still studying the same thing, but technically everything will be different. Different syllabus, different experiences, different challenge and different environment for sure.

I said I left my responsibilities incomplete because I left everyone in the middle of our medical course, as we used to support each other in all means. I left my akhawat over there, at the time when our ukhwah is still blooming and to some others I was unable to know them better! I missed my housemates(Saffa, Aisyah, Yek, Nasreen), my fellow friends(ijah,yati, nasuha, ain, amal, dj, linda, sab, adib, Jannah, kin kin, etc), seniors and juniors, beautiful akak-akak that I love for the sake of Allah(Kak Ain, Kak Siti, Kak Na,Kak Nab,Kak Aniza,Kak Mel, Kak Lina etc  and ALL akak seniors: I adore all of you very very much!) , my wonderful ISOC sisters J(moyser, rana, sharmina, ramia, khadija, kak ikin,nadira, a’faf etc-how can I forget you?you taught me to see the world from different point of view subhanAllah!)and to all others that made my life in Dublin such a memorable one. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah.

At the same time, alhamdulillah I am happy to be at home and meet my family(kinda like going back to ‘recharge’ before I start a hectic life in Penang(as the seniors said!)). I felt so blessed by Allah for giving me chances to meet my little 3-months old nephew which I only saw him in pictures and in video calls before. Well, my first week in Ipoh will be fully occupied with him!

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

Allah is the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

I prayed to Allah to protect everyone that I left over there. Everyone that I love for the sake of Allah. Everyone that had taught me the reason to always try to be a better Muslim. Everyone that changed the way I viewed this world, and made me realized about the need to give, before you take.

O’Allah, please sheds Your Mercy and Kindness upon them. Protects them from calamity and misery, and grant them Your Love till hereafter. They are the minority in that country, made them strong O’Allah to face the kuffar who non-stop oppressing the communities. Soothe the heart of people there to believe in Oneness of You, O’Allah. If we’re not meant to meet again in this world, allow us to meet again in Jannah..

With love,
Huda Mansor
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.


Hanih Borhan said...

Hmm, kenapa move out dari Dublin?...

alhuda said...

salam wbt.
technically, mmg move out dari dublin, kembali ke malaysia sekarang.
saya student twinning program, which means 2 tahun stgh di Dublin(pre-clinical), lagi 2 tahun stgh(clinical) di Penang-and these equals to 5 year program for medical degree.so skrg dah selesai 2 tahun stgh di Dublin, jadi perlu pulang ke malaysia untuk sambung sebahagian lagi.
cmtu la basically :)