Saturday, February 4, 2012

For future doctors

Assalamualaikum wbt

Few days ago I got a link to a very useful blog from a doctor that I know. The blog is full with info, some sharing and news about the current situation in medical field and hospitals in Malaysia. For those of you who are studying medicine especially to those studying abroad-this website is very excellent in illustrating the real life of a doctor in Malaysia. Here's the link:

There are quite a lot to read but I think it's good to be used as a reference in preparing for the challenge that awaiting us in the future. The changes in the system, the glut of HOs, good and bad of the shift system, the do and don't as a junior doctor, and a lot more to discover which was written just recently will give us some general idea on what to expect once we enter the system.

I know it may be far from now(as i'm just a 3rd year medical student) but with this basic idea about the system hope it can help us to understand and offer some area that we have to improve. Plus for me-this is such an initiative before I will be there, in the hospital around Malaysia.

Enjoy the reading!(but i can tell that u'll be stressful- because the blog mostly tells you the problem-and the suggestions to improve lies in your hand!)


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