Monday, June 21, 2010

Gotta be careful, sis!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Semoga kalian sentiasa berada di dalam peliharaan Allah, dan sentiasa istiqamah beribadah kepadaNya, insyaAllah.

Looking at the Muslim's condition in RCSI, the Islamic Society (ISOC) of the college knew that they have a big responsibilities to make the muslims understand the religion better. They have done lots of events and programmes, alhamdulillah.

One of the idea is to gather most of the muslim woman in an occasion or programme, and to convey the message on that time. This is because based on the observation, the muslim woman don't really wear hijab the way they should be. This makes me feels so sad too. Although you are from an Islamic country ie from countries in Middle East, where Islam is mainly practise, the fashion influence from the West had never failed to affect the youngsters there.

The idea is to organize an event called 'Ladies Night'. This event aims to refresh and remind the muslim woman mainly, and to introduce Islam to the non-muslim woman. The issues would be hijab, fashion,and the role of muslim woman in society.

I volunteered to involve in this event's preparation, and one day I had a meeting with a friend from UAE, to discuss about this event.

First thing that she mentioned to me before we get started,

"Sis, you know what, I've think about this for the whole night. We got to be careful, sis! This event is the first ever organize by ISOC and as it aims to educate our friends about hijab, we have to be careful regarding the activities that we want to held. What kind of activities that you think would apply to this event?

We have to be careful so that the activities would not bring 'fitna', or contain anything that not right to the syara' . I am very sure that maybe for the next 3,4 years, the juniors would continue to do this event and I don't want our sins continue due to our wrongdoings at the first place. Do you understand me?"

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah.

She made me to praise Allah immediately in my heart, due to her strictness and fear from doing anything that would bring Allah's anger.

And thanks to Allah for giving me the opportunity to work and learn a lot of things from her. May Allah bless her always.

The Messenger said, as narrated by Ibn Abbas,
" I had a chance to look at paradise and I found that the majority of its people were poor and I looked into the hell-fire and I found the majority was constituted by woman"

Imaan Ath-Thahabi also said: The reason why the woman are the majority in the hell-fire is because their lack of obedience to Allah, His Messenger and to her husband and also because of their exposing their beauty out of the house, wearing thin transparent clothing which leads man into temptation. So if she does not prevent herself from being a Fitnah to man, she will be.

Wallahualam. May Allah protects us from being a fitnah to this modern world.

Prophet said: "I am not leaving a trail more harmful to man than the Fitnah of woman"

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