Wednesday, May 15, 2013


15th May 1948
15th May 2013

[65 years of being denied from home]

The catastrophe, or in Arabic it is called as Al-Nakba, will never be forgotten by all until the citizen of Palestine who have been denied from their land are able to return. Another year being a refugee would mark another scar in their heart. The expulsion, ethnic cleansing, torture, massacre, are parts of Zionist routine that had left the Palestinians physically and psychologically damages. 

Until now, the political world map still being printed without Palestine on the draft. 

But they should remember that in the heart of all Muslims,
of all people who against the occupation, 
of all activists that keep fighting for their justice, 
Palestine would always being printed on our own world view.
Palestine would always be acknowledge and regarded as it should be.

The Zionist should know, 
or in fact they already knew
Palestinians are totally the diamond of the ummah!
Their perseverance are tougher than this hardest metal in the world
Because they have Allah, the One and The Only,
 the Source of Strength and Mercy.

[Picture by Fatin Al-Tamimi. It was taken during 'Moving Gallery' event held by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign(IPSC) in Dublin. They walked from St.Stephen Green to the Spire at O'Connell Street to tell others about the Nakba day]

p/s: Missing Dublin.. I did enjoy talking to the human right activists about Palestine, and was so amazed on the details that they know about this Holy Land although they're not a Muslim. I didn't mean that being a non Muslim, you don't have to give your concern about Palestine but actually by being a Muslim-we should be more aware about it. Shame on you and me, o' ignorant Muslim! 

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