Saturday, July 28, 2012


Contoh situasi:

"Sukalah tengok kat dia...dan la baik,pandai,berakhlak pulak tu..kagumnya.."

"Haah,aku kenal gak dia.Dia Presiden BADAR kan??(contoh lagi)Bagus betullah dia tu..Betul,betul....aku pun kagum gak dengan dia...semua orang suka kat dia"

As simple as that.

You recognized somebody, know only one or two things about that person and you liked him/her already. So simple.

This is a clear example, especially when you have a role-model nearby that might influence you to be like him/her. 

I do have few people that I adore very very much. And the first place goes to my Ummi (^___^)

However i'm not going to write about people that you admire and i don't think it's necessary for me to do so. It's just a little reflection that you can think about after you finished reading this post. Scroll down please :)

Below is an equation that i've just conclude after a few exposures.


People always questioned things like-how can i fall in love with ISLAM? Why do I can't really feel that Allah's love surrounds me? How can I fall in love with ALLAH??

And yet we always being reminded to give our love to others AFTER Allah and Rasulullah. But how?

My conclusion which make me to come out with that formula is- you have to KNOW Him first.

There's no other alternative way before you learn to love Him :)

Actually there are various ways that will lead us to know our Creator better. I don't want to mention everything as it's totally infinite(why?because He made this world on His own so every single thing would return us back to our Creator)

Let say you are an inventor. You invent something, and surely you will put/mark your name on your invention for copyright purposes and let everyone knows that it is yours. Even in science research, most scientist put their name on the newly found specimen/substances just for the sake of identification~

Same like His creation. He made the sky and earth for us to live in, and these things would definitely lead us to know Him better. But, (yes, there is a but) the message is truly for the one who seek His guidance. There are so many people in this world who doesn't appreciate the sky and earth as a sign of His existence.

When you know Him better, you'll find more than what you've expected insyaAllah. This will make you impress by the feeling that He gives in your heart when you truly open your soul to receive His message.

Consequently, the impression would definitely make us to put Him first over any other things. InsyaAllah.

Kena cuba kenal dahulu, baru terbit rasa cinta. 
Semoga Allah pilih kita untuk menjadi hambaNya yang sentiasa memilih Dia sebagai yang pertama. Kerana redhaNya mengatasi redha seluruh manusia.


sahabiat said...

interesting! :)
kenal kagum dan cinta
read one book..tarbiyah ruhiyah
said hawwa kate Allah ciptakan alam ini noe just for us semata-mata untuk dimanfaatkan..but to let us know Him and actually 'jatuh cinta' dengan kekuasaanNya. :"( hmmm sedih juga kdang2 gagal untuk merasakan demikian setiap saat.

miss u so much hudaaa!

may Allah loves u more than i do.

alhuda said...

sbb tu Allah suruh kita bertebaran di bumiNya, utk melihat sendiri kehebatan Dia :)
ibrahnya bukan hanya pada alam, tetapi juga pada kisah kehidupan masyarakat sekitar yang turut mentarbiyah kita
subhanallah. jatuh cinta sekali lagi denganNya.

thanks for dropping by.
only He knows how much i love you for His sake, and may He loves you MORE! ^_^