Friday, May 25, 2012

Life's like that

Allah gives us choices on how to live our life..appreciate it.
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Assalamualaikum wbt

I don't know how can i start this post.

Sometimes things can't be explain by words. The silence tells all the secret.
Unexpected things happened around us, and made us realised that we're eventually weak despite the proudness and strength that we thought to have.

You might think this kind of incidence wouldn't happen to people near you. When the truth telling you otherwise, you're speechless. 

My lecturer started his tutorial yesterday by expressing his condolences with a piece of advice to never hold your depression to yourself.
He made us to wonder what has happened. Yelah, ucapan takziah out of the blue. We whispered with each other, but no one seems to have any idea. The lecturer saw us confused with what he had just said, added this statement that made all of us shocked.
"One of your friend had passed away. Didn't you know this?"

After the class, people started to ask around about the news to know what was happening.
On the same time we got an email from the college's admin for an urgent meeting the following day.

You can read about it here:

Death is something that everyone would face. Seeing people die, i believe is part of a doctor's experiences.

But suicide, is hard to accept by most human being. In fact it is still a taboo in our society. People don't really talk about it. When it happens, you just want to know how and what might cause it. Then buat la kesimpulan sendiri. 
Anyway police still investigating this case to exclude any foul play. 

This incidence made me reflected so much about my own relationship with my Lord, and available support system that I have. And also my capacity to support others too. 

There has been always a reason why we live in this world. Allah explains it clearly in surah Az-Zariyat verse 57. We are here to worship Him. To live our live in a way that He bless. Whenever you're down, just remember that you're never alone. 

As we believe in life after death, lets prepare ourselves for a good ending in hereafter by following Allah's path. 

Ya Muqallibal qulub, tsabbit lana 3la deenik wa3la thoati3..


Hanih Borhan said...

Allah... mati tu datang memang pada2 bila2 masa je... muda ke, tua ke, bila masa yg dijanjikan sampai, tak diawalkan, tak dilambatkan walaupun sesaat...

alhuda said...

fyi, i browse some data from National Suicide Registry Malaysia report 2007- pelajar adalah golongan tertinggi yg membunuh diri compared to jenis pekerjaan yang lain.

impian kita semua, dikurniakan pengakhiran yang baik oleh Allah.