Friday, January 27, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt

Subhanallah, it has been a while i didn't update my blog. Yes i did feel quite guilty but i don't want to write anything rubbish over here. When the blog was kept in dust, i've been asking myself - what happen to my heart? Why don't I have anything to tell the world? There was a feeling of emptiness when my heart didn't 'talk' as much as it always does. And that's worrisome.
Maybe it just a problem of writing it back in a blog post-as new things and new tarbiah from Allah happened everyday(thanks to Allah)- but when i couldn't find some time to sit down and write, i'm afraid i can't even find anymore time in the future. Yes, future is waiting for me for more challenges. I'm currently preparing in all aspect-but I can't lie to my heart that I am nervous and worried. 

One can never predict his future, but one can change his future by taking the first step today.

And it's about transition.

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Some people around me had just gone through a big transition in their life. Guess what? They've just got married :) (lol, i'm not planning to write about marriage in this post, but i am about to congratulate them here)
So, congratulations to four important people in my life after all this while-Paa, Ajim, Kak Sharifah Hidayah and my cousin Kak Qilah. Barakallahulakuma, and may Allah gathers you and your spouses under His Kindness till Jannah. Aminnn.
I did feel quite sad since I'm unable to attend any of the wedding reception(walimah).
During Paa's wedding, most of us were struggling with exams over here in Dublin. But alhamdulillah, she came  to UK&Ireland after that so we were able to meet her and had some sisters sharing session :)
Ajim and Kak Sharifah Hidayah, yours will be on 4th and 5th of February. Kak Qilah's will be on 12th February. And I am here, waiting for my flight to Malaysia on 12th of February. That's why I can't fulfil the invitations although my heart really wants to be there! InsyaAllah i'll keep all of you in my prayers :) 
May Allah guides you while adapting for this new transition. Who knows in the future you'll be my advisor before I step for my own transition insyaAllah:)

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And Malaysia, here I come.
In two weeks time, i'll be going back home. For good. Not sure when will I come back here again. And Malaysia would be my reality, and UK&Ire will be keep in memory. I've learnt a lot from studying here and travelling around, insyaAllah I'll be back as a better Muslimah.Amin ya Allah.
Adopt the good things and leave the bad ones. 
I'll be missing EVERYONE. Every single soul that I meet over here, which made me closer to Him. What more can I ask than an ukhwah fillah that kept me strong after all this while?
It keeps me in His path, and it always does. If I am about to fall, they're the one that pull me on the tract back.O Allah, I love them for Your sake and please protects them till hereafter..allow us to meet again in Jannah if not in this world..
Ok, end of sad tone. 
I'm neutral at the moment, haven't started cry yet(yeah, i've cried twice before act huhu).Hopefully I can hold back my tears in the airport(OMG that's really hard..).

Another two and a half year before I completed my degree. And the learning process wouldn't end till I die insyaAllah. The class in Penang Medical College will be start on 12th March 2012, and before that we have to settle down properly in Penang ie find house to rent, know the route to hospital etc etc. I've never been there(the island) and it will be my second home now.
New friends, new environments, new Malay accent(lol).
It' a big transition for me personally, and I prayed to Allah to make me strong. 



imah said...

salam.huda~feel like to cry u noe...welcome back home. i wud like to meet u. but ur flight date is equal to the moment i go back to my campus n will hve exams!!! sad~ =(

doubleT said...

welcome to penang kak :)

Huda Mansor said...

@imah: wsalam imah.aaaa want to see you also!don't cry coz i would cry as well then :( all the best iman, study elok :)

Huda Mansor said...

@doubleT: study kat penang juga nanti kan(aucms)? jom sama2 usaha!! :D

aisyah ismail ♥ said...


huda yg dikasihi fillah,

insyaallah dimana bumi dipijak. disitu islam dijunjung!

best wishes. moga terus kuat.

mendoakan dr jauh..
luvvs fillah.

p/s: forget me not (especially bila huda wat kenduri nnt) hehe

Huda Mansor said...

wsalam wbt
aisyah yg sentiasa dirindui kerana Allah,
benar,perlu jadi benih yg baik, campak ke laut menjadi pulau.
may Allah makes us steadfast in His path, bcoz i need Him to guide me all my life..

saya pun,mendoakan dari medan jihad ilmu.

p/s:LOL,iAllah akan dijemput..tapi bila ya?! ;)