Friday, October 28, 2011

Sekali bah, sekali pantai berubah

Assalamualaikum wbt.

May all of you in the pink of health and iman insyaAllah.

Again after neglecting this blog for more than two weeks, finally i have an update which i think worth to share with everyone.

Today is the third day of the unforgettable moment in my life. I know it wasn't as severe as road traffic accident or an earthquake or tsunami (nauzhubillah..) but it does touch my heart as my housemates and I try to live our life back to normal again. Plus, this is my first time ever handling such situation.

It was raining non-stop for two days in Dublin, and it was as heavy as we had back in Malaysia. Well it was unusual to have a heavy rain here because of the weather differences. It is autumn now in Dublin but regardless of the season, Ireland always have showers of rain once/twice a week.

The water pooled in our house backyard and no one notice anything before that. We had a long journey from Beaumont Hospital to our house because of the traffic and at that time, we could see the condition might worsen. 
And the thing that you see in the picture below, happened so fast as we were doing our own business after dinner. The water level was above knee when it stopped to pour into the house. I can say that it cause huge damage to many people near our neighbourhood and the one-night floods also caused two people dead. One of them was living near our area.

The flood cause a big loss to our landlord because he has to replace everything that was affected ie bed,carpet from front to back(it is their style to have carpet instead of tiles floor), and some electrical equipment (btw, his house was affected as well as he lives two doors away from our house). Given the situation of Irish people who has to face economic recession, high taxes and huge government debt, this condition totally put more pressure on them.

living room, half an hour after the water gets into the house.
later the cushions also submerged.

Second day-early morning.backyard still flooding with water.
This was my first time experiencing floods in my house. I talked to some of my friends in the hospital on this issue, and you know-Allah is Great. Why? Because He allows us to experience such situation to make us strong.
One of my friend from RCSI in Bahrain told me about their condition when there was a riot protesting the government in Bahrain earlier this year. The hospitals were attacked, and even some doctors were being killed although everyone knows the fact that in any condition esp war, hospital should be free from any interference. Bullets were everywhere, even outside of their house. They were so depressed with such situation as everyone lives in fear. Fear of stray bullets, fear of their future, fear of everything that they have to face. I seek forgiveness to Allah after hearing her story.

Then I received a text message from my juniors-they wanted to visit our house-yup, we received many visitors after the flood, just to see how are we doing now. Allah al-A'lim, He made me to recall everything I read from the book 'From Beirut to Jerusalem', about the 1982 Shabra-Shatila massacre, written by an woman orthopaedic surgeon. She was so touched by the hospitality given by the Palestinian people when she walked along the street of houses that had been destroyed by the bulldozer of Israelis. House made of rubble, with a cup of coffee to the visitors. She asked herself-'how do they resist such depressing condition, and still smile as she came to see them?'. She made me to think of my condition, which was waaay-not-severe as the Palestinians. I want to be like them, the people who when Allah tests them a musibah, they smile and learn to be patient. They are the extraordinary people, who can survive extraordinary things-because of their faith to Allah.

By the time I'm writing this post, I totally have no idea on when are we going to settle down with everything. Sometimes we are just OK, but sometimes by looking again to the damage ground floor, we know that we have so much thing to be done in a short time.

And every single strength that we have is totally from Allah.

And He is the All-Knower.

We seek His forgiveness for every single wrongdoing that we did. For He,who the Most Forgiving.

Make do'a for our brothers and sisters in Turkey(earthquake) and Thailand(massive floods)-for their natural disaster.
Make do'a for our brothers and sisters in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and all other countries who facing political imbalance-may Allah grant them with His Mercy by giving a better and blessed government.
Make do'a for everyone in the world who may cry of hunger when you're full, cry for help when you're thankful to be in peace, cry in despair when you're laughing and happy.


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