Sunday, April 24, 2011


Allah. Two weeks to go for the semester exam.

Another 2 weeks of gastrointestinal/hepatology lectures and tutorials.

And no study leave at all, to make things worst.

I clicked to view my blog, for a 5 minutes break after loaded with pneumonia notes.

And something caught my eyes;

" Knowledge is not what is memorised.

Knowledge is what benefits."

(Imam Shafie)

(from islamic quote of the day-on your right side)



That's hurt.

Thanks Allah for showing me this.


And to you, let's strive for this! May Allah with us insyaAllah.

Make du'a for everyone.

(Mode: sedang mengambil himmah dari kesungguhan Imam Syafie)


nabilah said...
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mazni mahirah said...

oh dear, it 'dush' me as well!.. i'm hving exam for this 2 weeks n simply memorising is not avoidable.,
(seeking the 'himmah'...)

All the best Huda..!

>>kembali menghadap 'cirrhosis of liver'.learn with ur heart..

alhuda said...

wsalam mazni dearie ;)

tulaa. cant help it as well :(

moga2 Allah kekalkan ingatan ni utk praktikal ni masa hadapan. aminn

all the best to you too !!

(erk..cirrhosis pun menunggu tu utk dibaca~~huhu)

moga Allah beri kcemerlangan dgn rahmatNya