Thursday, October 14, 2010


Salam alayk everyone! May all of you in the pink of health and imann, insyaAllah.

One of my friend in facebook sent me a link to a very interesting website, where we can hear to the various type of nasyeed from various famous artists.

It's a very good alternative to those of you who used to listen to any video songs in Youtube while studying or surfing the Internet.

Enjoy it, and do support our Muslims singers/groups who try to educate people about the Creator, Allah and conveying honourable messages.

Here's the link : halaltunes - Free MP3 Nasheeds

May Allah count this as an effort to stay away from jahiliah and to seek for His love.



Masum said...

salaam, i also recieved the same link. Its very good masha-allah however i think Nasheed Bay is better because it looks more clean and simple and you can also search for nasheeds and albums. Jazakallah for the post!

alhuda said...

waalaykumsalam sister, jazzakillah for the link also :)