Friday, December 11, 2009

these people

"Apsal muka rilex je?Tak cuak ke?",tegur seorang ahli kumpulan kelas Anatomy ketika ujian lisan antomy.
"Erm,muka je kot~!hati nervous gak ni"


Qalb, very subjective. Very complicated.

Who can read other's face expression?Even a psycologist need years to study human feelings and expressions, and ended up with answers that everyone knows that it isn't an absolute answer, as it applies to majority of the human population, not individual.

I lived for 20 years, and even sometimes me myself can't understand my own feelings.

I met a lot of people throughout my life, and by Allah's will I have met these people.

The people that no one can't tell that they are actually in pain, and trouble.Just because their face always give smiles to others, never get angry and used to be the first person to volunteer to help others who'r in trouble.

Subhanallah.May Allah bless them until hereafter.

These people, insyaAllah are those who are very close to Allah.

And their love to Allah and His Messenger, make them can stand everything. Yeah, everything.

O Allah, make me strong like them, and place us with those who always be thankful to You.

These people, reminded me to Your Messenger and his companions.

O Allah, what have happened to us is just very insignificant compared to what sahabat and sahabiah had faced earlier when they have Your Messenger with them.

Children threw stones without hesitation, discrimination in economy until they faced hunger,and many more.

Just within my surroundings, I met these people. And hopefully Allah will give me chances to always be with them until I die.

In reality, who are these people actually?

These are people who their lips never fail for zikr, their heart never hope for anything except Allah, their mind never oriented to others except to what Allah like and everything that they do, they will relate it to Allah.

And da'wa, is their business, because they believe in Allah.

Yes, only Allah knows what's inside their heart. And it never shown from their face.

*reflection dari diriku yg terasa diuji dengan kesenangan dan tiba2 kesedihan, namun apabila diizin Allah utk melihat these people...yaAllah, hambaMu bersyukur dengan ujian ini..jadikanlah kami setabah mereka....*


mazni mahirah izzati said...

'it is not easy to become da 'these people' n doing da'wa is such a tough business.only the believes and prayer would make us strong. we r nothing compared to those anbiya' n sahabah...'-reflection to myself also, smtimes feels weak to move on..
wanna be one of 'these people'!!
pray 4 me k,:) i'll pray 4 u too.i'Allah.

really miss u n our frenz..

alhuda said...

i wanna be 'these people' too!!

they are the chosen ones, and their stories will never stop inspiring others.

come mazni, we'll make our stories too!

~muhasabah surah al-asr,moga kita tidak jadi orang yang rugi~

insyaAllah, my prayers are always with you.uhibbukifillah

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