Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Semester 4 has just started, and I've received the result for the semester 3 exams. Alhamdulillah, although my result is not very satisfying, it taught me something. My grades for all subjects seems 'fluctuates'( think economically, so your fundamental concept can be improved, hehe).

You may be better at this subject, and have some weaknesses for the other, but all of the knowledge is from Allah. By Allah's will, you can master the topic. By Allah's will, you need to put extra hard work to understand the concept.

But sometimes things can be different with our point of view, although during the exam we usually become a 'free thinker'. It depands to how far we understand one particular topic.
I want to share one economic moment with all of you, which I think it totally different with my understanding and faith.

Question 2 for economics paper 1: The world economy may be subjected to economic shocks, such as sudden increase in oil prices and terrorist attacks. With the help of aggregate demand/ supply diagram....

Ok. Economic shocks.

My marks for the second part of the question is very bad as the teacher comments that I misunderstand the question. So I went for consultation to make things clear, and yeah I know that there still a lot of things I need to do to master in economics.

......"aid? why do you put aid as one of the things to minimize the effects of economic shocks?"......
I am speechless. I thought it was right. The countries who have terrorist attacks need aids, especially humanitarian aid.

....."this terrorist attacks is referring to US actually....."
And I was like..."Hah?"


I went to my class, with my mind can't stop thinking about that. "Terrorist attacks in US?"....."Oh, it must be referring to September 11..."

Logically, as it is about economic shocks, so it is true for US(regardless who attacks them on this moment). And I am wrong for referring to Palestin. But it simply because I have different point of view for that incident. I never ever think about that, when answering this question.

Economics is a social science subject, so it really plays with the normative statement.

Think back, and reflect.

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